Tough Love Tuesday

The last five years of practice as a PA I’ve treated patients like I believe I would treat my children. I always thought that I would raise kids as captains of their own destiny with the occasional need for guidance and rerouting, more early on in their innocence, less later. So when patients come in […]

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is just a fancy term for Real Medicine. In my world and my patients world, using prayer, food, breathing, plants, stretching, drawing, resting, playing and connection as medicine is what it’s all about. It’s not sticking our patients with a pill for every ill. It’s getting downright deep to the root-cause and really […]

Magic Mornings 101

 If you win the morning, you win the day – Tim Ferris But first a story… I talk about meditation and breath like they’re my best friends. I applaud them, instagram them, pimp them out, build them up, share them like crazy. They’re my go-to in times of trauma and drama. And the first place […]

The Dissapearance

I sat across from her, seeing myself in her a few years down the road. I asked her “do people start to disappear from your life when they’re not ready to face their truth?” “No. Does it happen to you?” I knew the answer and though I said ‘yes’ flippantly, it was something I struggled […]

Healerpreneur! Are you ready?

On a regular basis, I’m surrounded by healers, they’re most definitely my people. I’ve always said that everyone you come in contact with can be a healer. I find healing in my puppy dog, my very engineer-like, golf loving, non-medicine partner, the hugs of my friends, the belief of my education revolutionary sister and my […]

What Food Has To Do With It

I’ve been visiting the family for a few days now and before that we were driving through Idaho, Utah and Colorado visiting friends. My food rules went out the window because when I’m not stressed, I feel like I can eat anything. Unfortunately, I was a little belly aching, anxiety- filled because of projects that […]

Alcohol and Spirit

Alcohol is a big deal for me. I have never written about it, because it was something I stuffed away for an easier time. And now it seems to be coming up everywhere and now at 2:22 am it calls for me to tell it’s story. Every important, impactful, patriarchal-figure from age 5, other than […]