Alcohol and Spirit

Alcohol is a big deal for me. I have never written about it, because it was something I stuffed away for an easier time. And now it seems to be coming up everywhere and now at 2:22 am it calls for me to tell it’s story. Every important, impactful, patriarchal-figure from age 5, other than […]

Why Essential Oil Your Life?

I just returned from my travels and the last location we landed was London, England. I’ve heard about the Black Plague, but I never had heard the story of thieves essential oil. There are 17 different versions of the story of thieves oil. One of them states when the Black Plague was terrorizing the masses, […]

What Can You Do About Our Healthcare Crisis?

I found out about Filderklinik, one of three fully Integrative Medicine hospitals in Germany and the Eugen Kolisko Academy of Anthroposophical Medicine, thanks to the Functional Forum. It was the same episode where I also listened to Dr. Mimi Guaneri’s monumentally impactful speech on The Science of Connection and I’m still moved to tears each […]

The Great Transformation

Anyone who has taken a pulse on our current earthly environment identifies a change is happening. The ancient Americas called it a period of great transformation where we are called to make a great difference in the world. Others call it the Age of Aquarius where we will usher in the Golden Age. Yogi Bhajan […]

10 Steps To Peace

Justin went to a church service while I was away. He said he felt called. The sermon was about non-violent communication. He came home and downloaded the book called Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenburg. Then he flew to Germany and brought me a list from his teachings. Ten steps to […]

Heavily Meditated

I could never find a chance to turn off. Being a product of an endlessly stimulated, connected, frantic, frenzied society shaped me into this. I didn’t have the tools to take a beat, take a breath, go inside. There was too much to see, play, explore, learn, grow. And time was running out. I was […]

The Definition of a Healer

I’ve been struggling with this label/title thing for a long time. A long, long time. I write often about how words become our world. It’s so damn true. Words become our beliefs become our reality, that’s how it works. This is incredibly important in medicine. Almost as important as intention. When I came to Germany, […]

One Week Without A “Job” As A PA

Though I left on my own accord, this “Great Shed” has been painful and hard. When you live your entire life working towards a goal, an actual pre-made, boxed, ready to deliver packaged job and then you leave, your entire world is shaken to the core. My whole identity has been wrapped up as a […]